By Stephen Weber

The San Antonio Spurs had a very impressive game 1 win at home to start off the NBA Championships.  In a close game for the first 3 quarters, the Spurs put the pedal to the floor in the 4th, out scoring the Heat 36 to 17 to win by 15 points in the end.

The Spurs home turf has proved very profitable for betters throughout the 2014 playoffs as in total they have covered 8 of the 11 games they have played.  Currently on an 8 game winning streak from home, this San Antonio team is accomplishing exactly what they need to be doing in order to win a championship ring.

Last year the story was very similar to the Spurs, but that championship ring eluded them last year due to a Ray Allen three pointer that changed the way history would be written and the story line as the Spurs would be the team looking for back to back championships.

One thing is for certain though, tonight’s game will bring an atmosphere like any non other for the 4 time MVP LeBron James.  After issues with the high temperatures on the court and cramping up (which severely disabled him), he will surely be hearing quite a hostile crowd after being the butt of many jokes over the past few days.  The San Antonio faithful will be sure to have their signs and will surely be heard when ever James touches the ball.

It will be how LeBron James responds tonight that will determine if the Heat will be down two games to none heading back to Miami. Game 1 has shown NBA fans that Miami is vulnerable and down right inefficient from offense when the star player is cramping on the bench.  In a game that Miami had the lead heading into the fourth, the game spun out of control for them as the Spurs held them to 17 points and were scoring at will on the other end of the floor.

The trend says that San Antonio will be walking away with another home win after tonight, but when you have a LeBron James added into that equation, who is looking to prove something after all the criticism, you just don’t know. Will consistency from a coach Popavich team be enough to hold James down?  That will the story for tonight and one in which we will just have to wait and see for the answer.